Aims & Objectives

“Every human has four endowments; self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom. The power to choose, to respond and to change.”

Adhering strictly to our motto, ‘Journey from Ordinary to Extra-ordinary’, we hold a significant responsibility as sculptors of the modern day education. Ever since the inception of this college, we have been making arduous efforts to broaden the perspective of our teacher trainees towards education while designing our mode of instruction. We train our students to sharpen their intelligence and enable them to accomplish their aspirations. Simultaneously, every endeavour is made to inculcate a positive value system in them that moulds their attitude, outlook and conduct that lays a strong foundation for them to cope with the challenges of life.

Tulsi College of Education for Women, Ambala City, a Premier Women Institute, envisions hard work, emphasizes team work and assumes high level of responsibility. With this broad perspective, the institution is avowed to enable its prospective teachers not only to handle present day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large.

Tulsi College of Education for Women has in its forte a great team of highly qualified and professional faculty members, who ardently put their efforts to motivate our students and guide them to progress at every step. The college has taken notable strides in the direction of empowering the prospective teachers in the use of ICTs and sharpening their communicative skills. With profound gratitude to God and to all our well-wishers, we are marching ahead, exploring further opportunities for our teacher trainees to learn and grow.

Tulsi College of Education for Women offers facilities and infrastructure for specialization, multidimensional skill development and a practical orientation based on strong theoretical foundations. Such a holistic formation is sure to lead to an experience that will benefit the prospective teachers for the rest of their life, leading to their transformation from a novice to an accomplished professional.